Не пропустите новости о FOODSHOW 2017
Astonishing with taste
some figures
years - average age of Festival's visitor
RUB - average income per family member
visitors during two days of the Festival
have family and kids
Global sensus of gastronomic preferences
More than 50000 people
Massive census of taste preferences: split off by age, cities, occupation. Specia; questions from project partners
Every voted person gets free entrance to the Festival and a chance to win different presents, including shopping certificate
of best photo, video, drawing and installation of favourite dishes. Competitive selection of participants. no limitation of age and technology
everyday news
Online preparation of Festival starts from poll - regular issues of news and digests
result: Publication of anthology
e-book with top-100 selected recipes of favourite dishes with presentation during FoodShow 2017
different types of partnership - from reference in regular digests till branding of special web site, poll forms and recipe book
Award in cultivation of taste among consumers
20 nominations
TV shows, radioshows, web sites, magazines, applications, foodblogers, food stylists, podcasts, video clips etc.
- applications submition and on-line voting
- short list of nominees
- experts voting
- Award
> 20000 on-line votes
on-line poll lasts for 3 months
bright and tastefull event
unique multimedia showof Award ceremony with unexpected surprises and video version

opinion leaders
only those who writes, talks and demonstrates food in attarctive and testefull way
award partnership in different options with logo on the press wall and mentioning in video version
multimedia event for desperate culinary specialists
people simultaneous cooking one the world favourite dishes
participants of master classes durinf 2 days, friend, relatives, loving couples, and just fellows. preliminary registration for master classes
Best chiefs in 10 culinary shows
quizes with participants
on-line marathon
all master classes constantly on-line in social networks
partnership in equipping master classes with mentioning during master classes and on-line, branding of one of the master classes, exclusive studio and on-line sponsorship
international festival of gastronomy and culture
>10 countries

present their authentic products and culture: music, films, clothing, performances, flag parades
food hall
big pop-up restaurant with possibility to chose dished of different cultures
non-stop marathon of master classes, culinary records, entertainment programms and musical performances
culinary records
cookinf dishes of worls cuisine in outsize volumes and during record time
quiz games
quizes on food and culture topics with presents for the participants. pre-selection of participants
company stand, small master classes and appearance on the stage #foodoftheworld
drinks music friends 18+
secret festival room with strong drinks
lounge, disco, house, hip-hop...depends on when you come into the room
from producers and suppliers of tasty and jolly drinks
water, fire, ice cracking and mixing taste in one glass
colourful blinking lamps to make the celebration even more brightfull
degustations, stand, barmen show
Контакты организаторов Фестиваля FOODSHOW2017
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